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Connect to journal articles using LibKey Nomad

What is LibKey Nomad?

LibKey Nomad is a browser extension that connects you to journal articles we subscribe to. This means you can access our journal articles wherever you are on the web.

An icon will appear when you come across an online resource that the library has a subscription to.

Click the Download PDF button to access the full text.

Install and use LibKey Nomad

Install the browser extension from the links below, or from your browser’s extension catalogue:

Once installed, choose Deakin University Library from the list of institutions.

LibKey Nomad will now notify you of available articles when you are browsing online.

LibKey Nomad works securely with your Deakin username and password. See the company’s privacy statement for more information.

If you browse the internet with LibKey Nomad turned off, you may be prompted to pay for articles Deakin Library has access to. Switch the extension back on by clicking the link in your browser’s toolbar, refresh the page, login using your Deakin credentials and gain access to the article.

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