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Reset Rooms

We have opened Reset Rooms in all of our libraries, as part of Deakin’s commitment to our Disability Access and Inclusion Action Plan and Diversity and Inclusion Strategy. These will provide a private space for students that is specifically designed to promote self-regulation. Reset Rooms create a safe, calm or soothing environment, and create a sense of control.

What to expect in the room physically

  • A quiet and private space
  • Curtains and privacy film on windows
  • Comfortable furniture
  • Adjustable lighting
  • A duress button

Reset Room guidelines

  • We know feeling overwhelmed isn’t something you plan for, so these rooms can be accessed on demand rather than booking a specific time.
  • Use the digital panel at the door to mark the room as in use as you enter.
  • Please don’t use the room for study or long periods, so that it is available for others who might need it. If you want a quiet place to study, you can book a study room.
  • Please don’t eat in the room as food odours can cause sensory issues for other users.
  • The rooms are not lockable for your safety. Security or staff may check on the room while it is in use.
  • Feel free to move furniture or other items in the room to suit your needs.
  • The lighting colour and level can be changed by using the panel on the wall.
  • If you require stimming toys or other aids to help you self-regulate please bring your own.

Where to find them

Burwood V1.45

The room is located on Level 1, near the main staircase and elevators. From the bottom of the staircase, go to the left. Follow the walkway between the first bookshelves on the right and the central wall to the glass rooms.

Waterfront D3.122

From the main entrance to the library, turn left and walk through the doors in the brick wall. Continue straight towards the far end of the library space, then turn right and head towards the back left corner of the library.

Waurn Ponds JC2.310

The room is located on Level 2, towards the back left of the building. From the main entry walk straight past the help desk and turn left down the walkway near the toilets. Turn right and walk towards the back of the building until you reach the group study rooms on your right.

Warrnambool B2.44

The room is located on Level 2, towards the back right corner of the library. From the main entrance walk straight towards the back of the room, then turn left once you have passed the bookshelves.

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