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Recording lectures

If you are using images, slabs of text or broadcasts in your lecture, you will need a Section 113P warning notice attached to your lecture recording. Make the Warning Notice the first slide of your presentation and ensure it is captured in the recording.

Streamed video from Library resources can usually be captured if the recording is only available to students, and not available for download.

Commercially purchased DVDs and YouTube clips cannot be captured unless your use falls under the Fair Dealing for Criticism or Review provision.

If your use doesn't fall within Criticism or Review, you should edit the film content out of the lecture recording by using the pause button on the AV panel.

If you must capture a commercially purchased film, or record a lecture with streamed content that will be downloadable, contact the Copyright Office.

Guest lectures

Guest lecturers must follow the same rules that are normally applied.

If you are a guest lecturer at another university, you should ensure that all your slides contain 'Copyright Deakin University'.

If you are guest lecturer at a conference or event, contact the event organiser for advice on copyright regulations.

Public lectures

Public lectures are very different because they are open to the public to attend.

If you wish to use content in a public lecture, you are limited to using non-copyright material.

Citations must appear in a readable font and must appear on or near the reproduced work. This includes in the credits of your document, presentation or film.

Get in touch

The Copyright Team provides copyright help to everyone within Deakin. We manage Deakin University copyright and external requests to use University works.