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Contact the Copyright team

The Copyright Team provides copyright help to everyone within Deakin. We manage Deakin University copyright and external requests to use University works.

Email the Copyright Team

Contact the Copyright team

Our Services

Support for students

Deakin University (and affiliate) students can ask the Copyright Team questions about their assessments or other university related matters.

Support for staff

The Copyright Team is ready to support you in any way we can to help facilitate your teaching or research needs.

Information sessions

We can present lecture-style information sessions for your team, department, faculty, or class.

Q&A sessions

We can meet with you, your staff or students for a Q&A session if a lecture-style session doesn't suit. This is a casual and direct way to learn about and resolve relevant copyright issues with your team or class in 10 –15 minutes.

Permission requests

Need help requesting to use other people’s copyright? The team can guide you through this process, or in some cases do it on your behalf.

PhD assistance

The team provides numerous avenues of support to PhD students to help manage the copyright in a thesis.

Learning modules

We have developed learning modules for self-lead learning:


Deakin University has ISBNs remaining from when we published works under Deakin University Press. The Copyright Team can assign these ISBNs to appropriate research outputs.

Publishing assistance

Contact the Copyright Team if you need support understanding the copyright implications of a publishing agreement.

Licensing and subscription support

Email the team to get help with licensing and subscription queries.

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