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Airport Security

Airport security is a major concern for governments and passengers alike and much effort has recently been expended to improve safety across all facets of airport operations. CISR placed a heavy emphasis on research into airport security for the last several years and has been working closely with industry and the Australian government to understand the impacts to airports of increased security considerations.

Airport passenger screening simulation model

Airports are susceptible to terrorist threats in several ways. Considering the payload of a typical flight, these threats can be broken down into threats from checked baggage, threats from carry on baggage and passengers, and, finally, threats from air cargo. CISR has worked with industry and government to asses the threat to airports and address the impacts to the sector from increased security requirements. Data collection during live trials has enabled the development of a set of model platforms that can quickly asses the impact to security process of increased security requirement, new policies and even new technology.

X-Ray equipment used for examination of air cargo and baggage A simulation model of a baggage handling system
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27th February 2015