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Passenger Body Screening

CISR was tasked by the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government's (Infrastructure) Office of Transport Security (OTS) to undertake a study into the introduction of advanced screening technology in Australian airports, specifically the security screening of domestic and international passengers (PAX). The study's aim was to report the impacts and associated costs of completing varying levels of PAX screening using different advanced technology through the screening process.

State of the art technology in passenger screening was tested in order to determine impact to the entire screening process if such technology was adopted.

Airport passenger screening simulation model

Over a period of six weeks and three airports, data was collected as trained security operators screened passengers and passenger baggage according to the Methods, Techniques and Equipment to be used for Screening (METS). Performance data collected during this trial and operational data from an extended period over the previous 12 months was then used to model and analyse the impact to each industry participant.

Three beneficial outcomes were generated through this data collection and model development. Firstly, the compilation of real world datasets of PAX behaviour, covering details such as walking speeds and divest timings. Secondly, the development of an airport screening point modelling platform that can be used to rapidly evaluate the impact of newly available or over the horizon technologies, without the expense and logistics of a live trial. Thirdly, the generation of data relevant to the assessment of impact for the future relaxation of International LAGs screening requirements.

Passenger screening equipment Baggage screening equipment

The outcome of the study presented the operational and financial impacts of the introduction of selected Body Scan and Bottle Scan technologies to three selected Australian domestic and international screening points.

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27th February 2015