Carbon fibre and the bearable lightness of being a cyclist

24 January 2011

After the Smart Bike - Deakin researchers contribute major feature article to prestigious Ride Cycling Review magazine.

Deakin researchers Dr Tim Hilditch, Dr Paul Collins and Adam Taylor have written a major feature article for the prestigious Ride magazine, the sport of cycling's bible.

The article looks at the role carbon fibre will play in creating the bikes of the 21st Century.

The article is part of the considerable flow-own from Deakin University's Smart Bike project undertaken in 2010 as part of the UCI World Road Racing Championships staged in Geelong.

"We have an amazing amount of interest in the Smart Bike," said Dr Collins, the project manager.

"We've been having a lot of discussions with industry in recent times and we expected to make some pretty exciting announcements very soon."

Deakin University's Smart Bike project Deakin University's Smart Bike project

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