Deakin expert peps up on 'The Project'

21 January 2014

Matthew Dunn warns viewers of 'The Project' about the risks of performance enhancing drugs.

Dr Matthew Dunn, Senior Lecturer in the School of Health and Social Development, is developing a strong media profile, having recently appeared on Channel 10’s “The Project” for the third time since 2011.

Dr Dunn is becoming a “go to” spokesperson for media on the topic of performance and image enhancing drugs, a “hot” topic, given events in football, cycling and other sports in recent years, as well as in the aftermath of the NSW Premier linking steroid use among young men to the recent spate of violent assaults.

Filmed at Deakin’s Burwood Campus, Dr Dunn commented on “The Project” segment about the increasing use of performance enhancing drugs, such as steroids and peptides.

“The majority of people who are using these substances are not in competitive sport, but are using them to enhance their body image and their sporting abilities,” Dr Dunn said.

He emphasised the long-term risks of taking these drugs. 

“While they might result in short-term enhancements, people need to consider the long-term consequences, including effects on the cardiovascular system, potential for vascular disease, reduced ability to produce testosterone, and liver and kidney problems,” he said.

Dr Dunn has also been interviewed for radio and print mediums, such as ABC radio and “The Australian”, and written on this topic for “The Conversation.”

Dr Matthew Dunn Dr Matthew Dunn

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