Head bumps matter

28 August 2014

Webinar to explore the latest concussion research.

A webinar by well-known concussion expert Dr Alan Pearce will address confusion about the best means of treating concussion and reducing risks of long-term damage.

Concussion in contact sports is a growing international public health concern. Although there is greater awareness about concussion, there is also increased confusion about the short-term effects of sustaining a concussion, such as when a player should return to play, as well as the long-term ramifications of sustaining multiple concussions over a player's career.

This webinar will provide an overview of the current state of play in concussion research, and highlight recent published research conducted in the cognitive neuroscience laboratory within the School of Psychology.

Presented by Dr Alan Pearce

Dr Pearce is the Deputy Director of the Cognitive Neuroscience Unit within Deakin’s School of Psychology. He has a PhD in neurophysiology and specialises in using the technique called transcranial magnetic stimulation to measure the brain's electrical activity.

His research interests lie in neuroplastic changes with skill acquisition, and following brain injury. His work on sports concussion has generated considerable media interest, with over 250 media appearances worldwide.

Alan's work has been featured, twice, on Channel 7's “Sunday Night” program, on SBS’s “Insight,” Ten's “The Project”, various ABC radio programs, significant print media, including “The New York Times”, and will be featured in the upcoming documentary “Head Games: The Global Concussion Crisis.”

The free, on-line webinar “Head bumps matter - sports concussion injuries” will be held from 12.30-1.30pm on Wednesday 24 September.

Dr Alan Pearce. Dr Alan Pearce.

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