Roles and responsibilities

Roles and responsibilities – Major funding rounds

This document outlines the roles and responsibilities of each party involved in the submission of applications during major funding rounds. It should be noted that the role of Faculties, SRCs and Institutes is now better defined and, as a result, the focus of the Deakin Research - Grants role has changed

Role of applicants

  1. Seek academic advice on the calibre of the proposed project
  2. Read funding rules, guidelines and instructions
  3. Clarify processes and timelines required by your Faculty, SRC or Institute
  4. Plan in order to meet Faculty, SRC or Institute and/or Grants Office internal timelines
  5. Construct and complete the application

Role of Faculties, SRCs and Institutes

Work directly with each applicant to

  1. Assess the significance and innovation of the idea
  2. Evaluate the strength of the team
  3. Comment on the suitability of the methodology
  4. Assign internal / external reviewers
  5. Provide editorial support to applicants

Role of Deakin Research - Grants

  • For all applicants
    1. Provide resources to simplify the application process
    2. Provide advice re eligibility, budgets & funding body online systems
    3. Interpret funding rules & guidelines
    4. Undertake eligibility and compliance checks
  • Provide more intensive help for
    1. ECR applications
    2. First Time Applicant applications
    3. High scoring applications from previous rounds
    4. Grants considered strong by Faculties, SRCs or Institutes

Important note: Deakin Research - Grants will refer applications back to Faculties, SRCs or Institutes if:

  1. Aims are unclear
  2. Application is poorly written or structured
  3. Deakin Research - Grants has other concerns re an application's readiness for submission

Eligibility and Compliance Checking

Deakin Research - Grants will

  • Check eligibility of participants
  • Check formatting requirements
  • Review budgets and budget justifications against funding rules
  • Check for known eligibility issues
  • Seek applicant approval prior to online submission
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