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Dr Weiwei Lei has boosted his researcher career at Deakin and you can too!
Dr Weiwei Lei has boosted his researcher career at Deakin and you can too!

More and more Deakin University is becoming the place to do world-class research in Australia. You're invited to follow in the footsteps of Weiwei Lei and become a renowned Deakin researcher.


When with his Deakin University colleagues Dr Weiwei Lei had a paper looking at a sustainable new way to purify water published in Nature Communications, he suddenly found himself thrust into the global spotlight.

Soon he was fielding phone calls from media and industry organisation around the world.

It was hardly surprising the paper titled Porous boron nitride nanosheets for effective water cleaning has caught the world’s attention.

It was world-class, breakthrough research that makes a difference - the type for which Deakin University is increasingly being recognised, despite being a relative young research institution.

Oil spillage, organic solvents and dyes discharged by the textile, paper and tannery industries are primary pollutants of water sources.

The effective removal of oils, organic solvents and dyes from water is of significant, global importance for environmental and water source protection,” said Dr Lei, who hold a prestigious Alfred Deakin Postdoctoral Fellowship.

“Advanced sorbent materials with excellent sorption capacity need to be developed.

“In our paper we report on porous boron nitride nanosheets with very high specific surface areas that exhibit excellent sorption performances for a wide range of oils, solvents and dyes.

“The nanostructured material absorbs up to 33 times its own weight in oils and organic solvents while repelling water.

“Because of their strong resistance to oxidation, the saturated boron nitride nanosheets can be readily cleaned for reuse by burning or heating in air.

The ability to recycle so simply and easily further shows the potential of porous boron nitride nanosheets for water purification and treatment.

“What we have developed is unique and has enormous potential on the global market," said Dr Lei.

This is what choosing a research career at Deakin can do for you.

With world-class facilities and colleagues, it allows you to develop your own research, and discover your place in the world’s eye.

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