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The support we offer

Deakin Research – Grants provides a case manager who can advise on grant preparation, undertake compliance checking and submit grant applications.

Please note that all applications must be endorsed by the relevant Head of School or budget centre prior to submission.

National Competitive Grants

Deakin University is committed to submitting high calibre, compelling and innovative National Competitive Grant applications. 

All proposals must undergo rigorous review and development prior to submission. 

The university expects that researchers will methodically develop these applications in collaboration with their faculty or the Institute for Frontier Materials (IFM) at least six to nine months prior to external submission.

Faculties and IFM

Responsible for implementing and coordinating review processes designed to support researchers to systematically draft and strengthen their applications.

Deakin Research – Grants

Works in close collaboration with the faculties and IFM. 

The unit is responsible for coordinating these major funding rounds, developing resources to help researchers draft applications and providing advice regarding funding rules and eligibility issues. 

It's also responsible for recording and submitting National Competitive Grant applications.


Responsible for drafting competitive applications that meet the objectives and requirements of the scheme. 

They are expected to read all documentation associated with a scheme, attend information sessions (if applicable) and use resources provided to draft applications. 

They are also expected to comply with faculty/IFM or Deakin Research – Grants processes and deadlines and act on advice provided by either the faculty/IFM or Deakin Research – Grants.

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