DECRA Fellowships


Internal deadlines

Supported Nomination Forms from Faculty/Institute M 14 July 2017 
Email Deakin Research Grants
Grants Office to contact supported applicants with further information on next steps and invite them to proceed with their applications according to Faculty/Institute processes and timelines I *Late July 2017
DECRA Workshop I * Date(s) / Location(s) - TBC
D2 Organisational Statement in Word format *Late January 2018
Email Deakin Research Grants
Final application on RMS

Certification forms
M *Early February 2018     
Via RMS - Submit to Research Office
Email Deakin Research Grants
Request Not to Assess O *Early March 2018
Email Deakin Research Grants

O - Optional / M - Mandatory / I - Invitation only

*Dates are indicative and will be confirmed when ARC opens DECRA 2019 round.


A scheme for early career researchers (ECRs), which forms a part of the ARC's Discovery program.  The objectives of the scheme are to:

  1. Support excellent basic and applied research by ECRs.
  2. Advance promising ECRs and promote enhanced opportunities for diverse career pathways.
  3. Enable research and research training in high quality and supportive environments.
  4. Expand Australia's knowledge base and research capabilities.
  5. Enhance the scale and focus of research in the Science and Research Priorities.

Note: DECRAs will be awarded for funding in 2019 for a period of up to 3 years on a full time-basis. A researcher may only apply for up to 2 DECRAs over the period in which they are eligible.

Funding amounts

Up to a maximum of $139,369 per year of funding. Per annum salary contribution from the ARC is fixed at $99,369 (inc. 30% on costs, based on $2016) and up to a maximum of $40,000 for project costs per year.

How to apply

  1. Read the Funding Rules, Instructions to Applicants and FAQs (Documents not yet released by ARC for DECRA 2019 round)
  2. Liaise with your mentor and complete the Nomination Form if competitive.
  3. Forward the Nomination Form to your SRC/ADI-CG Director or Head of School/Department.
  4. Wait to see whether the Grants office invites your full application.
  5. Attend DECRA Workshop - limited places. This will be by invitation only.
  6. Commence your online application in the ARC Research Management System – RMS.
  7. Use the Deakin University templates provided below and liaise with your Case Manager as necessary.
  8. Organise relevant certification forms.

Documents and information

Additional documentation can be found on the ARC website - Information for Applicants.

Please note: If requesting a PhD stipend from the ARC, request at $26,300 p.a. (based on 2016 amounts). 

If you are including a PhD stipend as a Deakin cash contribution, the 2017 rate is $26,682.

ARC documents

  • Funding Rules and Changes to the DECRA Rules
  • Instructions to Applicants
  • Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs
  • Cross Scheme Eligibility FAQs

Documents not yet released by ARC for DECRA 2019 round.

ARC Policies

Templates, forms and tools

    Templates, certification forms and other resources are available below.


  • Template C8 - ROPE Significant Research Outputs
  • Template C9 - ROPE Research Impact and Contributions
  • Template D1 - Project Description
  • Template D2 - Statement by the Administering Organisation
  • Template F1 - Justification of non-salary funding requested from the ARC
  • Template G1 - Research support for all participants
  • Template G2 - Statements on Progress for ARC

Certification Forms:

  • Certification Form

Other resources:

  • All Templates and Certification Form (zip file)
  • Guidance sheet for D2 Statement by the Administering Organisation
  • Request not to Assess form
  • Eligibility Exemption Request: Instructions to Applicants 
  • Deakin University Salary Calculator 
  • Deakin University Data Management advice