Discovery Projects

Status: Open

Internal deadlines

Supported applicants invited to submit Notice of Intent to Submit (NOIS) NA *Late Sept 2017
Invited applicants' NOIS due to Research Office M *Early Oct 2017
Email Deakin Research Grants
10 page project description, project summary, impact statement and team summary due to Research Office for internal grantsmanship review M *Mid Nov 2017
Grantsmanship reviews due to Research Office M *Mid Dec 2017
Email Deakin Research Grants
Lead CIs please book the time and day on which you will be submitting your final application in RMS and certification forms. 
Must be booked by the lead CI only.
M *Late Jan - Early Feb 2018
Bookings via Event Registration System
Appointments will open closer to the booking dates
Final application on RMS M As per booking
Via RMS Submit to Research Office
Certification forms M As per booking
Email Deakin Research Grants
Requests Not to Assess O *Early Feb 2017
Email Deakin Research Grants

O - Optional / M - Mandatory

Dates are indicative and will be confirmed when ARC open the DP 2019 Round.


The objectives of the Discovery Projects scheme are to:

  • Support excellent basic and applied research by individuals and teams.
  • Encourage research and research training in high-quality research environments.
  • Enhance international collaboration in research.
  • Expand Australia's knowledge base and research capability.
  • Enhance the scale and focus of research in the Science and Research Priorities.

How to apply

  1. Liaise with your faculty/institute/SRC and follow their internal timelines.
  2. If invited to continue, submit a Notice of Intention to Submit (NOIS) to
  3. Submit project description etc. for review and review other applicants' project descriptions.
  4. Read the Funding Rules and changes to the funding rulesInstructions to Applicants and FAQs - 2018.
  5. Commence your application in the ARC Research Management System – RMS.
  6. Use the DU templates provided below and liaise with your Case Manager as necessary.
  7. Organise relevant certification forms.

Documents and information

Additional documentation can be found on the ARC website - Information for Applicants.

Please note: If requesting a PhD stipend from the ARC, request at $26,300 p.a. (based on 2016 amounts). 

If you are including a PhD stipend as a Deakin cash contribution, the 2017 rate is $26,682.

ARC documents

  • Funding Rules 2019 and changes to the Funding Rules 
  • Instructions to applicants
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Cross scheme eligibility FAQs
  • Request not to Assess form

Documents not yet released by ARC for DP 2019 Round

ARC Policies

Templates, forms and tools

  • Template for DP18 - Part G2
  • Template for DP18 - Part G1
  • Template for DP18 - Part F14
  • Template for DP18 - Part F13
  • Template for DP18 - Part E2
  • Template for DP18 - Part E1
  • Template for DP18 - Part C1
  • All Templates and Certification Form
  • Certification Form - all participants
  • Deakin University Salary Calculator
  • Deakin University Data Management advice