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Dr Annemieke Craig

Dr Annemieke Craig

Position: Senior Lecturer

Faculty: Business and Law
School: Information Systems
Discipline: Information Systems

Phone: +61 3 522 72152
Email: annemieke.craig@deakin.edu.au


"I endeavour to stimulate active learning and encourage students to be critical, reflective thinkers who will enjoy learning and work to do their best."

A Senior Lecturer and Unit Chair in Information Systems in the Faculty of Business and Law, Dr Annemieke Craig is a proponent of Information Technology studies and careers through active involvement in initiatives such as Deakin's successful Go Girls, Go for IT! Event.


Annemieke's enthusiasm for her discipline is matched by a love of teaching, and she enjoys the opportunities that higher education offers to combine research and teaching. Annemieke aims to make computing, perceived by many students as 'difficult', accessible and achievable and finds it especially rewarding to observe students' moments of understanding. She places particular emphasis on trying to connect with every student. Annemieke strives to engage students who are not yet sure of their place in higher education and discover the spark that will ignite their learning.

Approaches and methods

In keeping with her commitment to accessibility, Annemieke aims to be available and approachable. Her approach is founded on respect and empathy for students. Taking the view that learning and teaching is a two way process, Annemieke supports and encourages students to believe they can succeed, but also makes it clear to students that they have a responsibility for their education.

To promote student engagement, Annemieke regularly reviews and updates material. She aims to include a variety of activities in class and designs these to appeal to different learning styles.

Part of Annemieke's commitment to student engagement involves keeping up to date with innovation in eLearning technologies and she is currently undertaking research with two colleagues (fellows Annegret Goold and Dr Jo Coldwell) to evaluate the portfolio of online technologies used at Deakin University both from a learning and a teaching perspective.

Annemieke also endeavours to directly link the technologies her students use outside university to their studies; for example, a discussion about databases arose from consideration of iTunes, while consideration of the uses of social networking was related to technology used during bushfires.

Another way in which Annemieke strives to keep learning and teaching relevant, is to read a wide range of newspapers and journals and draw on these to create current examples with which students can connect.

Enhancing teaching

Annemieke is a reflective teacher who strives to do her best for students and is willing to try out new ideas. In her teaching she aims beyond imparting knowledge towards knowledge transformation and extension through study and debate. If Annemieke doesn't have an immediate answer to an inquiry raised in class, she always follows up and reports back next time.

Annemieke endeavours to stimulate active learning and encourage students to be critical, reflective thinkers who enjoy learning and strive to achieve their best, rather than simply being satisfied with passing a unit.

Because of her caring approach, Annemieke is often asked by students for support. Her efforts to encourage students have been rewarded by seeing students achieve beyond their expectations and, in some cases, go on to do Honours or postgraduate study.

Consistently high Student Evaluation and Teaching of Units (SETU) feedback also attests to the success of her approach in fostering student engagement and achievement.

Research and teaching

For Annemieke, research interests and teaching are closely linked. Findings from research into cultural diversity and online learning, funded by a Strategic Teaching and Learning Grant Scheme (STALGS) grant in 2005, have led her to transform unit content and perspectives so that they are more culturally inclusive and international.

Another research interest is access and equity, with particular emphasis on women and IT. Again, Annemieke has put her learning in this area into practice, modifying curriculum, activities and examples accordingly.

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Annemieke is taking a leading role in:

  • promoting access to IT studies
  • developing a system for adoption of eLearning technologies based on sound pedagogical principles
  • professional development for teaching online and in the blended classroom.


  • BEd [Rusden SCV]
  • GDipComp [Deakin]
  • MBus [Victoria UT]
  • PhD [Monash]



  • School of Information Systems Award for Excellence in Teaching


  • Faculty of Business and Law Rewarding and Promoting Excellent Teaching Award

    School of Information Systems Award for Excellence in Teaching


  • School of Information Systems Award for Excellence in Teaching


  • Vice-Chancellor's Award for Outstanding Achievements in Teaching and Learning


  • Deakin University Online Teaching and Learning Fellow

    Faculty Award for Outstanding Contribution to Teaching, Deakin University


  • Faculty Award for Outstanding Contribution to Teaching, Deakin University


  • Nominated for exemplary teaching practice to CAUT National Teaching Project, Victoria University



  • ARC Linkage Awarded; Digital Divas: Designing approaches to enthuse girls' interest in ICT studies and ICT careers. Funding 2009–2011: $269,000 with Fisher, J. (Monash University); Lang, C (Swinburne University); Forgasz, H (Monash University); Ellul R.T. (Department of Education and Early Childhood Development): Harlos, B (ACS)


  • VicICT Network for Women Grant: Go Girls Evaluation: $4,500 with Coldwell, J.


  • Women's Leadership and Development Programme Project Grant (2006) Young Girls ICT-Into Computing Too , AWISE; Australian Women in IT and Science Entity $50,00


  • STALGS grant: Cultural Diversity and Online Learning: an investigation of students studying in the fields of education, business and law, arts, health and behavioural sciences and science and technology at Deakin'. with Coldwell, J., Goold. A


Memberships (Teaching and learning related)

  • Association of Computer Machinery (ACM) and Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education (SIGCSE)

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29th July 2010