About the Institute


To create an internationally-leading social sciences and humanities institute whose high- impact knowledge creation and dissemination actively shapes agendas and informs debates to meaningfully effect lived human experiences.


The Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalisation aims to understand complex social issues associated with globalising processes through innovative, mixed-method multidisciplinary research. With a focus on disseminating our research through high-impact channels, engaging in partnerships and supporting high-quality researchers and doctoral students, we seek to contribute to knowledge construction and influence research developments, public debates and policy agendas.


The Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalisation aims to create a vibrant research environment which supports excellence, innovation and collaboration amongst theorists and problem-oriented researchers who examine contentious and critical social issues. The Institute supports its members through mentoring and training schemes, and helps to develop career pathways for our early career researchers and doctoral students. Open to new ways of thinking about and studying social phenomena, our membership is drawn from diverse disciplines and areas of study. In cooperative spirit and practice, Institute researchers share a commitment to lead high-impact knowledge creation that has a meaningful and measurable effect on lived human experiences.


Our research agenda is concerned with complex and often contradictory meanings of citizenship, social inclusion and globalisation at the local, national and transnational levels. The Institute's research streams and support structures foster the study of complex social problems from a number of academic vantage points. In this way the differing manifestations of migration; tensions of transnational governance; viability of the nation-state; impact of globalising processes on concepts and experiences of identity, belonging, heritage and citizenship; lived politics of inclusion and exclusion; tensions in the human rights' discourse; critical importance of cultural heritage; and related questions of justice and development are explored systematically and holistically.

Our four research streams - Culture and Heritage; Development and Human Rights; Diversity and Identity; and Governance and Security - support an overarching in-principled research agenda and foster opportunities for meaningful collaboration and professional development among researchers, students and external stakeholders with shared interests and priorities.

In conducting our research, we strive to advance theories that reflect the breadth and depth of the problems we seek to investigate. Contributing to the construction of truly global knowledge, unconstrained by borders and boundaries, many of the methodologies we employ in our research projects are 'transnational', cross-cultural and international. Our researchers employ data collection methods which are culturally-sensitive and facilitate genuine working partnerships between the 'North' and 'South' in an effort to bridge the global knowledge divide.


The Institute is committed to a genuinely worldly research agenda which reflects an empirical reality that the social, political and cultural issues Australia faces are interconnected with international influences and processes. Our approach to research and capacity-building reflects this global awareness as we endeavour to foster collaboration and partnerships with universities, civil society organisations and government agencies around the world. Specifically, the Institute has a concentration of expertise on the Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and North Africa, and Europe, and actively pursues collaborative interdisciplinary research with many partners in these regions.

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