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Dr Samuel Koehne

Dr Samuel Koehne

Position: Visitor
Campus: F


A list of the ten most significant relevant publications for the last five years:

  1. "Ethnotheism" and Official Nazi Views on Religion
  2. Nazism, Political Religion and "Ordinary" Germans
  3. Nazism and Religion: The Problem of "Positive Christianity"
  4. 'Leading Nazis' Views on Confession, Community and "Jewish" Materialism' in the Journal of Contemporary History
  5. 'Nazi Germany as a Christian State'
  6. 'Hitler's Faith'
  7. An outline of Dr Koehne's research

University recorded publications

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Brief Biography

Dr Samuel Koehne is a Visitor to the Alfred Deakin Research Institute, working on the question of the interrelations of nationalism and religion, particularly the manner in which the Nazis conceived of religious belief in the period during which they rose to power (1919-1933). He is simultaneously working on the response of Protestant Christians in Germany to the Nazi Party and Nazi ideology, in which field he has most recently published the paper 'Nazi Germany as a Christian State' in Central European History. An outline of Dr Koehne's research can be found in the Contemporary Church History Quarterly.

He has completed two postgraduate research degrees at the University of Melbourne (MA, awarded 2004; PhD, awarded 2010) specialising in German history. He has previously published on historical instances of migration and internment in Australia, including in Terror War Tradition: Studies in European History (2005) and Under Suspicion: Citizenship and Internment in Australia during the Second World War (2008). This material has included discussions of responses to internment based on ideological notions. Samuel has previously taught in the field of modern European history, developing expertise in the 'long' nineteenth century.

His article on 'Hitler's Faith' (ABC, 'Religion and Ethics') drew a good deal of interest from the general public and shows both the continuing interest in and concerns about religion, nationalism, and the Nazis. In an era when the boundaries between politics and religion have increasingly come into question, Dr Koehne's work sheds further light on the problematic relationship between political ideology, religious beliefs and ethics.

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