University Policy, Practice and Scholarship

The University Policy, Practice and Scholarship (UPPS) group within the Alfred Deakin Research Institute comprises researchers from across Deakin University's faculties and disciplines. UPPS members share common research interests in the broad area of higher education. The aim of the UPPS group is to inform and critique public debate surrounding higher education policy, university work, practices, scholarship and impacts. In particular, UPPS promotes cross-disciplinary research amongst its members and supports collaborations with colleagues locally, nationally and internationally.

The UPPS group currently comprises 10 researchers active in the field of higher education research who are investigating, publishing and supervising postgraduate research in a range of areas of university policy and practice including innovation and internationalisation in higher education, leadership management, innovation and impact in doctoral education policy and practice, impact of information technology and social media, curriculum development and policy and teaching and learning scholarship.

Staff include:


2013 Research Grants

Polesel, J., Starr, K., Blake, D., Wheelahan, L. (2013 - 2015). Innovative partnerships. Australian Research Council Linkage Grant with Partner Organisations: 1. Association of Independent Schools NSW, 2. Catholic Education Commission of South Australia, 3. NSW Education and Communities State Training Services, 4. Department of Education and Children's Services South Australia, 5. Catholic Education Commission of NSW, 6. Catholic Education Commission of Victoria, 7. Department of Education and Early Childhood Development Victoria, 8. Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority. ARC $340,000 and $189,000 from partners = $529,000.

N Sands, H Forbes, R Brown, L Meilnik. "The Mental Health and Wellbeing Portal: A pilot project". DUPPS grant: ($30,000)

Prof BO'Connell, Prof TBucknall, Prof. AHutchinson, HForbes. The Tri-focal Model of Care: Teaching and Research Aged Care Services. Department of Health and Aging, Teaching and Research Aged Care Services (TRACS) Grant: ($659,370).

Associate Professor Simon Cooper, Professor Tracey Bucknall, Associate Professor Fiona Bogossian, Dr Peter Whitley, Associate Professor Lisa McKenna , Professor Ruth Endacott , Associate Professor Leigh Kinsman, Dr Robyn Cant , Ms Joanne Porter, Dr Nicole (Nikki) Phillips, Dr. Helen Forbes , Ms Pauline Varghese, Mr Brett DeVries. Managing patient deterioration: Enhancing student nurses' competence through web-based simulation and feedback techniques. ALTC grant: ($392,000). Monash University, Deakin University and UQ 2011-

O'Connell, B. & Forbes, H.Tri-Focal Model of Care: Education Program for Residential Aged Care. Wicking Trust Grant: $508,198 . 2011-

Kim Watty (lead Researcher) , with Leanne Ngo and Jade McKay Innovative teaching, learning and assessment in accounting education: Engaging with digital technologies that enhance student learning 2013 CPA Australia, Global Research Perspectives Program, $27,200.


2013 Publications

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Starr, K. (2013). Interrogating school leaders' conceptions of leadership and accountability. Paper delivered to the National Council of Professors of Educational Administration / National Association of Secondary School Principals combined conference, Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center, National Harbor Maryland, 1-2 March 2013. [E1]

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Accepted for publication

Sutherland-Smith, W. (accepted, to appear in 2013). Legality, quality assurance and learning: Competing discourses of plagiarism management in higher education, Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management. E1

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14th May 2013