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Please provide us with the following details:

  1. Personal details
    1. Student Number
    2. Staff Number
    3. Student and/or Staff Number
  2. Preferred correspondence details
    1. Australia State and Postcode
    2. Overseas State and Postcode

  3. Alumni careers and mentoring program
    1. Career information interviewing synopsis:| Purpose - To gain specific career insights.
      Duration - Usually one contact.
      Process - Student interviews Deakin Alumni member.
      Method - Done over the phone or face to face.
      Terminology - Alumni = interviewee, Student = interviewer.

    2. Mentoring synopsis:| Purpose - To assist in career decision making and transition to the workplace.
      Duration - Series of contacts.
      Process - Mutually agreed goals and actions.
      Method - Done via phone, email and face to face.
      Terminology - Alumni = mentor, Student = mentee.

    3. Work Experience:| Deakin University is committed to experiential learning and supports many work experience placements sought by students. Many courses such as health, environmental science, politics and education have structured work placements as part of the course. Others encourage students to undertake work placements for industry recognition purposes and/or to build their skills and their resumes. If you indicate on this form that you/your company would be willing to offer an internship or work placement to a Deakin student, a member of the Jobshop team will contact you.

    4. Mentor/interviewer details
      1. Work Synopsis|Please enter a brief work synopsis to assist students in their search for a suitable mentor or interview partner. Here are a couple of succinct examples;

        Example 1. 'I am a dedicated stockbroker working at UBS. I've been a stockbroker for 15year with a specialty in mining stocks. I have worked my way up from settlements officer to broker assistant before becoming a junior stockbroker. I've mainly worked for prestige broking houses with my own client base.'

        Example 2. 'I've been a fund accountant with IOOF for 18 months having been a junior fund accountant at SuperPartners for 4 year. I started my career as a graduate accountant at Accenture developing the skills required to progress to where I am today'.

      2. Legal Requirements
  4. Alumni volunteering
    1. Alumni volunteering| The Deakin University Alumni Community offers a range of volunteer opportunities for Alumni members.Volunteers provide invaluable assistance in helping to enhance the programs and activities of the Deakin Alumni Community. Volunteering provides you with the opportunity to stay in contact with Deakin University, while having fun and developing new skills and networks. You can be involved whether you are living in Victoria, interstate or overseas. Upon registering your interest to be an Alumni volunteer, the Central Alumni Office will then contact you to discuss potential volunteering options in your area(s) of interest.

      For further information about available volunteering opportunities at Deakin University email the Central Alumni Office at

    2. Volunteering Details

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23rd September 2011