Bachelor of Arts

Anthropology - unit set code MJ-A000007

Burwood (Melbourne), Waurn Ponds (Geelong), Cloud (Online)

Anthropology is the study of the lives of people in a range of societies. This major sequence investigates kinship and family; gender; economic and political anthropology; work and consumption; religion, ritual and witchcraft; person, society and cosmos; death; the impact of and problems caused by expanding European nations on the peoples of Africa and the Pacific; globalisation; processes of change in the Third World; international tourism; festivals; medical anthropology; communal conflict; ethnicity; international migration and doing fieldwork.

On successful completion of the Anthropology major sequence, students should have the following skills:

  • A detailed understanding of cultural diversity
  • An appreciation of the full array of globalising forces at work in the contemporary world
  • An ability to reflexively relate the cultural realities of other societies to their own social experience
  • An informed and refined critical consciousness in regard to social life.

Level 1

ASS101Peoples of the World

ASS102Culture and Communication

Select 6 credit points, including at least 2 credit points at level 2 and at least 2 credit points at level 3 from the following

Level 2 and 3

ASS203Being Human (With the Nonhuman)

ASS204Urban Spaces, Global Places

ASS205Anthropology of Poverty and Development

ASS206Medical Anthropology

ASS233Myth and Ritual

ASS234Environmental Anthropology

ASS330Cyborg Anthropology

ASS329Anthropology of Crime and Violence