Bachelor of Arts

Australian Studies - unit set code MJ-A000012

Burwood (Melbourne), Waurn Ponds (Geelong), Warrnambool, Cloud (Online)

The Australian studies major sequence comprehensively examines major debates in Australian society in its global contexts. At each level, students are encouraged to explore a range of sources from popular culture to politics and policy.

On successful completion of the Australian Studies major sequence, students should have the following skills:

  • An ability to reconstruct/explain social, political and cultural events;
  • An ability to relate the global/international and the Australian;
  • An ability to recognise the impact of the Australian past on the present;
  • An ability to analyse change today and place contemporary issues and debates in context;
  • An ability to incorporate a reflective perspective; that is, to illustrate the range of opinions between different scholars and disciplines on the subject and how and why interpretations have differed;
  • An ability to evaluate media coverage of current political debates such as those over citizenship/identity and Indigenous issues;
  • An ability to appreciate social, class, ethnic, cultural and gender differences;
  • An ability to study Australian society from and interdisciplinary perspective.


(i) Australian Studies major sequence students must complete: The 4 core units AIA105, AIA106, AIA200 and AIA300 plus a further 4 credit points with at least 1 credit point at level 3 from the list below.

(ii) Warrnambool enrolled students are able to complete this major sequence via campus mode by selecting the following elective units AIH238, AIH337 and AIP230, in addition to the core units.

Level 1

AIA105Visions of Australia: Time and Space From 1700 to 2010 (CORE)

AIA106 Sex, Race and Australia's People (CORE) (No longer available for enrolment)

Level 2

AIA200 - Indigenous Australians in the 20th Century (CORE) (No longer available for enrolment)

AIH238Australia and the Two World Wars *

AIH288Exploring Australia's Indigenous Pasts

AIP230Understanding Public Policy

AIP247Media and Politics: Campaign Strategies

Level 3

AIA300 - Australia's Asia: From Yellow Peril to Asian Century (CORE) (No longer available for enrolment)

AIG300Australian Urban Geography: National and International Perspectives

AIH326Australia's Empire: Colonialism in Papua New Guinea

AIH337 Race, Science and Religion in Australia 1860s to 1920s (No longer available for enrolment)

*AIH238, AIH326 offered at Warrnambool via D@YD.