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Functions of the Academic Board

The following functions of the Academic Board are derived from its powers as set out in Statute 2.2—The Academic Board.

Function 1 – Advice on matters of an academic nature
1.1 Providing advice to the Vice-Chancellor on the University’s draft annual Business and Operational Plans and Functional Area Plans.
1.2 Providing advice to Council as required.

Function 2 – Establishing and maintaining academic standards
2.1 Developing and approving operational policies and procedures that define the University’s academic standards and guide its academic activity.
2.2 Providing quality assurance and enhancement of good practice in respect of the academic activities of the University.
2.3 Approving rules that enable the implementation of specific academic operational policies.
2.4 Reviewing academic operational policies and procedures.

Function 3 – Course approval and review
3.1 Approving new courses on academic grounds.
3.2 Recommending to Council the introduction of new courses.
3.3 Overseeing the quality of major course reviews undertaken by faculties.

Function 4 – Admission to the University and selection to courses
4.1 Approving University admission requirements.
4.2 Approving course selection requirements.

Function 5 – Student discipline and academic appeals
5.1 Ensuring adequate procedures for, and the effective operation of, student academic discipline and appeals.

Function 6 – Academic engagement
6.1 Promoting debate on academic matters within the Academic Board.

Function 7 – Academic Board’s own affairs
7.1 Ensuring a culture of collegial cooperation and open discussion within the Academic Board and its committees.
7.2 Establishing procedures to meet the Academic Board’s own responsibilities, including its compliance obligations.
7.3 Establishing procedures for ensuring that all responsibilities assigned to the Board in the University’s Operational Plan are fulfilled.
7.4 Ensuring clear delegations to the Chair of the Academic Board, to committees of the Board and otherwise as required.

(Approved by Academic Board on 11 March 2008)

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19th July 2012