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Centre for Quality and Patient Safety Research
Faculty of Health
Deakin University
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About QPS

The Deakin - Centre for Quality and Patient Safety Research (Deakin-QPS) is led by Deakin‘s School of Nursing and Midwifery with which it shares the vision to be a world leader in advancing collaborative, multi-disciplinary research, particularly translational research, to the benefit of our stakeholder communities. Commensurate with this vision is a shared commitment to developing a strong interface between research, education and practice, and progressing innovations in research and teaching for improving patient safety and health care outcomes.
The QPS key objectives for 2013-2015 are to:

  • Undertake high quality, innovative research that advances, in all healthcare environments, patient-focused care, evidence-based care and organisational safety;
  • Produce world-leading research in terms of originality, significance, rigour, and capacity to make an outstanding contribution to knowledge, theory, practice and/or policy;
  • Generate and integrate knowledge in the areas of clinical care, quality and risk management to enhance the independence and functional wellbeing of individuals in hospital and community care settings;
  • Increase the volume of applied research conducted in hospitals and other real-world settings with an emphasis on enhancing the 'bench-to-bed' principle;
  • Build QPS and affiliates research infrastructure though the development of local, national and international collaborations;
  • Build sustainable in-house research capacity by increasing the pool of ECRs/postdoctoral researchers and MCRs, and up-skilling and supporting new and established  health professionals to identify research niches and conduct research;
  • Work with key organisations to inform and develop ethical thinking, decision making, practices and policy development in health services and community care.
  • In keeping with the above, a key and defining goal of QPS during 2013-2015 is to achieve designation as a World Health Organisation Collaborating Centre (WHOCC) for Research and Training in Patient Safety and Quality Care.

QPS researchers have strong alliances with other Schools and Faculties within and outside of Deakin University; enjoy productive national and international collaborations with researchers from the disciplines of medicine, psychology, health economics, and biostatistics; and are uniquely able to share research findings generated from their comprehensive clinical partnership network, which spans public and private healthcare sectors in urban, regional and rural areas.
Through its research activities QPS aims to also contribute to achieving the new national strategic research priorities, particularly in regard to Priority 2: Promoting population health and wellbeing, Outcome 1: ‘Optimise effective delivery of health care and related systems and services’.  To this end, the Centre for Quality and Patient Safety Research conducts research across the four strategic research priority areas: Clinical Risk and Symptom Management, Workforce Development and Health Care Service Delivery Models, Consumer Involvement in Health and Social Care Decision-making, and Health Care Ethics and Policy Development.

Our Vision

QPS’s vision is to be a world leader in health service research, particularly translational research, focusing on clinical care, quality and risk management. Our broad objectives are to:

  • Produce world-leading research
  • Generate and integrate knowledge
  • Increase the volume of applied research
  • Build research infrastructure and strategic local/national/international collaborations
  • Build sustainable research capacity
  • Succession planning