School of Life and Environmental Sciences

Do you want to learn how to interpret a crime scene? Understand and treat diseases? Or save the environment? 

Whatever inspires you, our school paves the way to a rewarding career where you might make the next scientific discovery or help preserve the environment for future generations.

Be as ambitious as the school you study in

Encompassing a range of disciplines from biomedical science to environmental management, we aspire to be Australia’s best school of life and environmental sciences.

Choose to study one of our exciting courses, designed with student and employer feedback in mind. 

Rest assured our team of highly qualified, experienced and award-winning teaching staff will give you a learning experience second to none so that you're equipped with the professional skills you need to get ahead in your career.

Our courses have been designed – based upon prospective student interest and employer feedback – to provide exciting and enjoyable learning experiences and marketable professional skills.



Study opportunities

Get involved with any of the short or long-term workplace initiatives or unpaid internships we offer and you could soon find yourself on the career path of your choice. 

Our environment courses include practical experience programs and field trips, immersing you in the real world and gaining experience valuable to future employers.

We also encourage our students to learn all about different cultures and other countries by studying or volunteering overseas. 

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The School of Life and Environmental Sciences houses state-of-the-art facilities. These include the purpose-built crime scene house, brand new laboratories, the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB), an aquaculture research facility and more.

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Our research

Attracting four million dollars annually, our research focuses on national priorities. These are important for future social, economic and environmental development and the wellbeing of Australia and the rest of the world. 

Much of our research is done in collaboration with government departments, as well as industry and leading international scientists. 

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Can the humble teabag help prevent climate change?
3 February 2017 
A group of Deakin University scientists is championing an unlikely hero in the battle against climate change, the humble teabag.
Study shows big-billed birds spend more time snuggling in against the cold
5 January 2017 
Bigger isn't always better - at least not in the bird kingdom, with new Deakin University research finding that the larger a bird's bill the longer they spend trying to snuggle it in against the cold.
Researchers optimistic after megafauna dig
8 December 2016
he 'buckets of bones' discovered at Lancefield, north of Melbourne, will offer clues to the cause of Australia's megafauna extinction.

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Our partners

Learn about the ongoing partnerships we have with leaders in our field. 

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Environmental science blog

Find out what our staff and students have to say about the environment and learn about the related projects they're working on. 

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