Deakin Downtown

Deakin’s existing Melbourne Corporate Centre at 550 Bourke St will relocate to Collins Square, 727 Collins Street, Melbourne from the beginning of 2017.

Project summary



Completion date

January 2017

Project Manager

Mike David
+61 3 9244 6244

Deakin's new home in the city

Deakin’s Melbourne City Centre is relocating to a brand new complex. The new building, which will be known as Deakin Downtown, offers expanded space for Deakin’s CBD activities.

Deakin Downtown will continue to provide a home for DeakinPrime and DeakinDigital and support all of the MCC’s current functions. In addition, the new space will allow Deakin to conduct on-site events, corporate training and postgraduate activities. The new facility will also boast more meeting rooms, an increase in videoconferencing facilities, greater event capacity and more breakout spaces.

Collins Square is a five-minute walk from Southern Cross Station and boasts extensive retail and food outlets.

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