Life on campus

Our Warrnambool Campus is set on the banks of the Hopkins River, close to surf beaches, shops and sporting grounds. Living on campus means you can enjoy all these things – while getting your degree – and you'll never be far from a comfortable bed at the end of the day.

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Our rooms

We have studio apartments and shared units available at Warrnambool. Whether you want to live by yourself or with other people, you'll always have a private bedroom.

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Our community values


At res, we're proactive and responsive to the needs of individuals, encouraging and tolerant of differences, and nurture a connected, safe, enjoyable and above all respectful community.

Life on campus

Life on res is so much more than just a comfy bed in a safe building. 

Our on-campus residents enjoy a whole range of exclusive activities across the year. You'll be connected with a supportive student community, and this encouraging environment will ensure you're able to create a balanced study/social life.

The fun

Throughout the year you'll be invited to a range of safe, inclusive social events and activities. 

From music, arts and cultural events to enjoying cultural events from around the country and the world, you never have to wait long for the next exciting celebration on res.

Your wellbeing

We offer sport, health and fitness programs to build your mind, body and spirit. These sit alongside academic support connecting you to mentoring programs and study groups, many of which are res-only, keeping the focus squarely on the people who live on campus.

Dream big

We make sure that leadership positions, training and ongoing development opportunities are available for students who are driven. 

These give students confidence and the best opportunities for exploring post-university employment, but they're also valuable life skills.

Warrnambool residences has made me feel like a member of the community. Being able to study with the good friends I’ve made here has made my life at university really easy and fun. I would recommend it for anyone!



What's nearby

All our residential buildings are close to campus facilities including a medical centre, cafes, restaurants and bars, a YMCA gym and a bank. There are also nearby barbecues, walking paths, a running track and parklands.

Residence fitness program

Not sure how to balance study, work and your health? We can help. We offer a special fitness package for residents, which has been designed to help you maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle while staying at Deakin University.

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Food and meals

We care about the wellbeing of all our students, whether you live on campus or nearby. That's why we've made sure good food options are available at all our campuses. Most campuses are also located near grocery stores.

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Shared spaces

Whether it's a study session with mates or a relaxing afternoon off, there are plenty of shared spaces you can use in our residential buildings at Warrnambool. 

Our communal areas have couches, pool tables, table tennis and large TVs.

Dates, costs and how to apply

Everything you need to know about making your application, including dates, costs and the application form itself, is online.

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