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Dr Kannan Thuraisamy

Position: Senior Lecturer
Faculty or Division: Faculty of Business and Law
Department: BL Deakin Bus School Operatns
Campus: Melbourne Burwood Campus
Phone: +61 3 924 46913 +61 3 924 46913



BBA(Hons), M.Com (Finance), PhD (Finance)


Teaching Interests

Fixed income

Asset pricing,

Portfolio theory & risk managment 

International finance

Corporate finance


Research interests

Kannan's research interests extend across fixed income, international finance, corporate finance and financial econometrics

Research groups

Centre for Fiancial Econometrics (CFE)

Research page



Narayan, P.K., Sharma, S.S., Thuraisamy, K.S. Can governance quality predict stock market returns? New evidence. Pacific-Basin Finance Journal (forthcoming).

Westerlund, J., Thuraisamy, K.S., Sharma, S. On the use of panel cointegration tests in energy economics. Energy Economics (forthcoming).

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Thuraisamy, K.S., (2014). Intra-market Sovereign Linkages of Key Latin American Markets. Economic Systems. 38, 140-160.

Narayan, P.K., Sharma, S.S., Thuraisamy, K.S., 2014. An analysis of price discovery from panel data models of CDS and equity returns. Journal of Banking & Finance.  41, 167-177.

Narayan, P.K., Thuraisamy, K.S., (2013). Common trends and common cycles in stock markets. Economic Modelling.  35, 472-476.

Riedel, C., Thuraisamy, K.S., Wagner, N., (2013). Credit cycle dependent spread determinants in emerging sovereign debt markets. Emerging Markets Review.  17, 209-223.

Sharma, S.S., Thuraisamy, K.S., (2013). Oil price uncertainty and sovereign risk: Evidence from Asian economies. Journal of Asian Economics.  28, 51-57.

Thuraisamy, K., Gannon, G., (2013). Modelling the sovereign linkages of key Latin American economies. Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money.  23, 222-239.

Thuraisamy, K.S., Sharma, S.S., Ali Ahmed, H.J., (2013). The relationship between Asian equity and commodity futures markets. Journal of Asian Economics.  28, 67-75.

Thuraisamy, K.S., Gannon, G. and Batten, J.* (2008) The credit spread dynamics of Latin American euro issues in international bond markets, Journal of Multinational Financial Management, Volume 18, pp. 328-345. 

Thuraisamy, K.S., Gannon, G. and Batten, J. (2008) Credit Spread Dynamics: Evidence from Latin America, Credit Risk Models, Derivatives and Management, pp. 97-114, CRC Press, London.

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