Apply for funding

Applications for research funding must be lodged via Deakin Research - Grants if you wish to have any awarded research income recorded and reported by the University. Some applications should be lodged via Deakin Research - Commercial.

Type of funding Lodge via
All competitive grants Deakin Research - Grants
Commercial and industry consultancies and fee for service work Deakin Research - Commercial
Tenders Deakin Research - Commercial

Key things you need to know when applying for grants

The University expects that researchers will:

  1. Read all funding rules before applying
  2. Comply with Faculty/Institute or DR-G deadlines
  3. Participate in grant development processes managed by their Faculty/Institute
  4. Lodge all research grant applications via Deakin Research - Grants after having gained Head of School approval

Lodging applications via Deakin Research Grants

Step 1: Notify Deakin Research Grants of a possible application
Note: Notice of Intention to Submit (NOIS) are not required for internal Deakin University funding rounds.

Submit your NOIS as soon as you become aware of a funding opportunity. Email the NOIS to Deakin Research - Grants will provide a case manager and create a record in Research Master.

For ARC and NHMRC applications Deakin Research - Grants will request NOIS 15 weeks prior to external submission date.

Step 2: Submit an application
Note: Grant application coversheets are not required for ARC/NHMRC applications.

For all other funding bodies, send your grant application coversheet, your final application and any other associated documents to at least 10 working days prior to the external submission date.

  • Grant applications must have Head of School approval
  • Deakin Research – Grants uses the information to complete the Research Master record which is critical for University reporting
  • Grant application coversheet (DOCX, 30.6 KB)  

For ARC and NHMRC applications refer to the relevant funding scheme at current funding opportunities .

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