Manage a project

Researchers are required to manage their projects in accordance with the specific funding rules and agreement provided by the funding body.

ARC funding

Please visit the ARC website for final report templates. Progress reporting is now included in the annual ARC EoY process; lead CI's for Deakin-led ARC projects will be contacted in December regarding this.

ARC EOY Acquittal Form (XLSX, 124.2KB)

Carry forward

Deakin Research Grants will contact you in December regarding carry forward of funds for Deakin-led ARC projects.

External organisations receiving ARC funds from Deakin University are required to provide a Financial Acquittal to Deakin as part of the ARC end of year (EoY) process. Please download the Financial Acquittal Template (above) for the previous calendar year. These must be returned to Deakin Research Grants Office ( by the first week of February.

NHMRC funding

Reports submitted by RGMS

All progress reports for NHMRC Project Grants, Partnership Projects, Centres of Research Excellence, Targeted Research and other Research Support Grants must be completed on RGMS by 17 April of each year.

Reports submitted by email

Mid-term reports for NHMRC fellowships and all Final Reports (NHMRC grants & NHMRC fellowships) must be submitted through Deakin Research - Grants.

To download the report templates and obtain information on current reporting requirements for your particular funding, please visit the NHMRC website.

Please email your report in Word format to at least two weeks' prior to the NHMRC deadline. 

If the institution must retain a signed copy of your report, please forward a scanned copy signed by CIA to

If NHMRC requires the submission of a signed hard copy, please forward to Deakin Research - Grants, Geelong Waurn Ponds campus.

Approval for overseas travel

NHMRC released guidelines in 2012 on use of NHMRC funding for travel, conferences, and publication costs.

It is a NHMRC requirement that in order to use NHMRC funding to pay for overseas travel, this travel must be formally approved and documented by the Faculty Research Committee prior to the travel being undertaken. In order to obtain such approval, all NHMRC grant recipients must complete and submit an NHMRC Overseas Travel form (DOC, 80.5KB) to at least two months prior to travel. We will then forward to the relevant faculty committee for approval.


  • This applies to NHMRC Project Grants, Partnership Grants, Centres of Research Excellence, Targeted calls and all other Research Support Grants (this approval process is not required for fellowships and scholarships).
  • It applies to all overseas travel.
  • Travel must be directly related to the approved research objectives for the NHMRC grant. Conference travel must be for the purpose of presenting the outcomes of the research funded. Any overseas travel expenditure without approval will be removed from the NHMRC grant account.

Carry forward

Please ensure the NHMRC allocation in your NHMRC (53) account is fully expended where possible.

If your grant is not due to finish this year, you can automatically carry forward unspent funds not exceeding 25% of the year's allocation.

If your grant is not due to finish this year and unspent funds exceed 25% of the year's allocation, approval must be sought from the NHMRC to carry forward this amount. A written justification and carry forward request form must be completed and provided to Deakin Research – Grants by 1 March in the year following the calendar year in which the unspent funds occurred. 

The NHMRC has absolute discretion as to whether they approve carry forwards. For large carry forwards, the NHMRC may seek further clarification especially if there is any doubt as to the viability of the research project.

Please send your justification letter to Deakin Research – Grants and we will forward this to the NHMRC. Your letter should be addressed to:

National Health and Medical Research Council
Post Award Management
GPO Box 1421

If your grant is due to finish this year and you require an extension to carry forward funds into an additional year, you must submit a carry forward request on RGMS (CIA must Create New Variation Request) by 4 December. Please notify once you have submitted your extension request on RGMS.

Deakin funding

Other funding

Please send copies of progress and final reports to

Carry forward

The university has policies which determine when unspent funds can be moved from one year to the next. Generally this practice is prohibited but there are some exceptions; refer to the financial guidelines. 

To enquire whether the carry forward of funds is possible for your specific project, contact your Senior Grants Officer, who will  check whether the funding body will allow a carry forward. If a carry forward is possible you should contact your School Finance Manager or Faculty Business Infrastructure Manager to help you complete and lodge the relevant form.