Centre for Social and Early Emotional Development

The Centre for Social and Early Emotional Development (SEED) conducts world-leading research on social development and its origins in early emotional life. The overall objective of SEED is to promote emotional health, from pregnancy through to adulthood and into the next generation. SEED hosts specialist research centres and programs in Wellbeing, Attachment, Addiction and Neurodevelopmental Disorders.

Our aim

We bring together life course, clinical and public health research and practice to describe the major milestones in emotional life, advise on the most effective approaches to intervening at the earliest opportunities in troubled pathways, and engage systems for translating this knowledge broadly.

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What matters?
Lifecourse Sciences Theme
Understanding the developmental origins of mental health and disorder

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What works?
Intervention Sciences Theme
Designing interventions to promote emotional security and social connection

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What translates?
Translation Sciences Theme
Harnessing system-based approaches to disseminate effective interventions.

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Intergenerational-Early Childhood Stream
Promoting emotional health from infancy to childhood.

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Childhood to Adolescence Stream
Promoting emotional health from childhood to adolescence, across puberty.

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Adolescent to Young Adulthood Stream
Promoting emotional health from adolescence into young adulthood.

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Innovation Hub
Interpersonal Neuroscience

Understanding the developing social brain.

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Innovation Hub
Behavioural Medicine

Exploring body, mind and emotion.

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Innovation Hub
Data Analytics for Social Sciences

Specialist Research Centre
Australian Centre on Quality of Life

Understanding, monitoring and promoting Subjective Wellbeing

Specialist Research Centre
Deakin Child Study Centre

Supporting children and young people living with neuro-developmental challenges

Join our research team

To become a SEED research student you need to have a clear vision of what you want to investigate. This could be the origins of social and emotional health, emotional regulation in children, or understanding positive youth development. 

In just a few steps you could be finding new and better ways to deliver preventative intervention or promoting a secure start to emotional life for all children. 

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