Admission to Practice in Victoria

Australia's six states and two territories each have separate admission boards with varying requirements for law practitioners. Deakin Law School is endorsed by the Victorian Legal Admissions Board (VLAB) as meeting the areas of knowledge required for admission to practice in Victoria.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Finish exams and wait for results to be officially released.
  2. Apply online to graduate after you have received a letter of invitation from the Division of Student Administration.
  3. Applications to graduate are processed progressively and you will receive confirmation of your application within approximately 6 weeks.
  4. Following receipt of your confirmation contact Deakin Central and request a copy of your academic transcript be sent to the Assistant to the Head of School, School of Law, Deakin University, Locked Bag 20001, Geelong, Victoria, 3220.
  5. Interstate admission to practice. Follow steps 1 to 4 and include a request for your transcript and Conduct Report to be forwarded to the relevant State's Admission Board.
  6. Following receipt of your academic transcript in the Head of School's office, an Academic Conduct Report will be generated. This report will be forwarded to the Board of Examiners with your academic transcript and a letter from the Head of School confirming you have completed the course requirements for the LLB. (Please note: without a course completion date, your academic transcript will not be accepted by the Board of Examiners.)

At the request of the Board of Examiners academic conduct reports are not sent to the student.

It is important that you allow at least 15 working days from when the Law School receive your request, for your academic transcript to be forwarded to the Board of Examiners.

Admission to Practice

The Deakin Law Program is designed to satisfy the university component of the requirements to become qualified for admission as an "Australian Lawyer " in Victoria as set by the Victorian Legal Admissions Board. Study may be undertaken on either a full-time or part-time basis.

At present, to qualify for admission as an 'Australian Lawyer' in Victoria, university graduates are also required to complete Practical Legal Training (PLT) requirements. 

There are two options for completing PLT:

  1. Supervised Workplace Training (SWT) (12 month period) or
  2. An approved PLT course

The law admission consultative committee has released a policy that requires admitting authorities to advise all applicants that rely upon qualifications that is more than 5 years old to seek an assessment. Please refer to the website for further information Victorian Legal Admissions Board

Credit for Prior Learning for Priestley 11 units

Students seeking Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) must note that relevant consideration in granting specified credit for the 'Priestley 11 subjects' as noted by the Victorian Legal Admissions Board (VLAB), is that the areas of knowledge in Schedule 2 have been satisfied to 100% equivalency.

Practice Notes: Academic conduct reports and disclosure requirements

The Board of Examiners views plagiarism so seriously that it now requires all Victorian law schools to provide a certificate stating whether or not the relevant university holds a record of any academic misconduct by that student (in their law studies or elsewhere).

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