Final year students and graduates

Final year students should consider applying for these highly sought after graduate positions.  A successful placement in a graduate role will give your career a kick start. In contrast, entry level positions are also designed for recent graduates, but the positions are advertised as the need arises and only basic on-the-job training is provided.

Graduate programs are:

  • Unique job opportunities offered by medium to large organisations, including government departments
  • Usually only available to final year students
  • Paid work, training and development (1 or 2 years)
  • Opportunities for organisations to test your abilities as potential ongoing employees
  • Applications open in January for the majority of industries

Specialist graduate programs

In certain fields, graduate recruitment is conducted through a centralised system:

Benefits of graduate programs

  • Increases your chance of getting into an ongoing full-time position
  • Teaches you practical workplace skills
  • Helps you build professional relationships
  • Provides quality experience for your future career

International students

  • Some graduate programs accept applications from international students
  • Search Graduate Opportunities for international students
  • Check the eligibility requirements of each position
  • Make sure you have the appropriate visa or residency status
  • If an organisation is recruiting international students, a compulsory component of your application is an IELTS result. Get organised early, as booking in for an IELTS test can be difficult

Application process

Graduate programs are competitive and applications require more work than applying for general jobs. The application process might require you to:

  • Write a lengthy application
  • Conduct a phone interview
  • Conduct one or more face to face interviews
  • Attend an assessment centre
  • Take tests of your skills, aptitudes and personality type

For further assistance you can book an appointment with Jobshop

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