Internships and volunteering

Getting experience

There are lots of ways for you to get degree-related and other professional  work experience while you study. Even a small amount of  work experience could give you the edge you need for graduate recruitment. Experience gives you the chance to develop employer sought  after skills such as communication, interpersonal ability, problem solving and leadership. It also give you the opportunity to  build networks and evidence your development during recruitment processes.


Volunteering is unpaid work that can benefit your local community or an overseas community in need. Usually there is a recruitment process involved similar to applying for a paid role.  Community involvement is valued by employers and can give you an advantage as a graduate . 

Volunteer on campus

Peer support and mentoring

Opportunities to volunteer on campus are often in peer support roles. These opportunities are usually advertised at the end or beginning of each trimester. They will be listed on Unihub, or the program web page.

Assisting commencing students:

Faculty student mentor programs:

DUSA (Deakin University Student Association):

Find out more and apply for these opportunities through the DUSA website.

Volunteer resource centres (Victoria)

Volunteer Resource Centres  are nationwide, so it doesn't matter where you are located they can match you with organisations in the local area. They can assess your skills and availability to identify which organisation can use your help  and projects may also arise that can be done from home.

View a full list of volunteer resource centres in Victoria.

Volunteer overseas

 Deakin Global Citizenship Volunteering projects are designed to introduce you to new people and places,  expand your understanding of different cultures throughout the world and engage with unique communities. 

Many other  organisations assist you to find overseas volunteer opportunities. Investigate fully supported programs which cover the costs of training, travel and living expenses. These generally have a minimum 3 month period of participation. Alternatively, research paid programs which require you to cover the costs of participation. The program length is often more flexible, from one week to months.

Duke of Edinburgh's Award

Develop industry-relevant skills by completing the Duke of Edinburgh's Award. The international award formally recognises your commitments and self-discipline, with the added bonus of enjoying some truly memorable achievements.

Work experience and internship programs

Vacation work experience programs and internship programs will expose you to practices in your field and give you valuable network contacts.

Types of programs include: Cadetship, Co-operative, Faculty programs, Internships, Scholarships and Vacation work. At times this type of experience can evolve into a job offer,  so its vital to be as professional as possible and show off your strong work ethic. The people you connect with during an internship can be a valuable referral source when  new opportunities arise.

Many employers will advertise their vacation and work experience programs on Unihub but you can also use strategies like networking and informational interviewing to find your own placements. Keep an eye on organisation websites, approach companies directly via email or in person and ask about internship opportunities. Remember though unpaid internships  must approved off by your faculty for you to to be covered by insurance.

Sourcing internships and work experience

Take a look at the Internship and work experience booklet below. The booklet is designed to help you to prepare and plan for an internship.

For more  information check out the resource section of Unihub or  book an appointment with a career consultant .

Faculty internship programs

Most courses offer internships as part of their programs and these are usually credit bearing please contact a course advisor to find out whether you are eligible.

Internships and Work Experience Booklet (Copy of above publication) (PDF, 665KB)

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