Photography at Deakin University is focused on creative, critical or professional practice, giving students the opportunity to develop their artistic, academic or professional aspirations.

Undergraduate (Bachelor) degrees
Bachelor of ArtsCourse information for:Local StudentsInternational Students
Bachelor of Creative Arts (Photography)Course information for:Local StudentsInternational Students
Bachelor of Arts (Honours)Course information for:Local StudentsInternational Students

Why study at Deakin?

Get ready for your new career

Students develop practical skills in a range of professional analog and digital photographic formats, darkroom and studio environments as well as the application of photographic imagery in virtual and collaborative environments at a global level. The course will build your expertise and competencies in the areas of exhibition, portfolio creation, project management, visual communication and online collaboration. You will learn both chemical and digital imaging in diverse photographic formats in professionally equipped facilities

Learn from the best

You will work alongside academics who are expert active media practitioners, and with visiting, special guest and casual academic staff. Collaboration across disciplines, and opportunities to undertake internships and international study enable you to develop multiple skills and expertise for professional practice and entrepreneurship, and prepare you for the opportunities and challenges of photography, media and the creative industries.

Career and Industry

Students are strongly encouraged to experiment, research and develop their own conceptual and aesthetic sensibilities. The work undertaken at third-year level this is applicable to exhibition, installation, multimedia, and collaborative productions and provides a strong basis for further postgraduate studies and professional practice.
Photography is a global, pervasive visual culture practiced in journalism, fine art, social media, fashion, advertising, cinema and web design, and serves diverse purposes in science, medicine, criminology, anthropology, travel and tourism.

Alison talks about her research project regarding photography, surface and augmented reality.

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