Entry pathways to research degrees

Entry to a research degree at Deakin is based on a demonstrated capacity to undertake significant research in the proposed field. This means that you should have completed:

  • advanced coursework in a relevant field of study
  • initial research training in appropriate methods and
  • a research project resulting in a written report or comparable output.

The University will assess each application on its merits. It is not possible to comment on qualifications or publications without full documentation. The final decision about the standard of an applicant's research ability is made by the University, not by individual faculty members. Research ability is only one factor in the decision to offer candidature – others include availability of supervision, university strategic goals and available funding.

Research ability may be demonstrated in a variety of ways as outlined below.

Grade equivalence

The following table provides a guide to grade equivalence at Deakin University. It is an indicator only and does not automatically equate to other institution grades.

% Range Description Deakin Honours Grade
80%+ First class H1
70-79% Upper Second class H2A
60-69% Lower Second class H2B
Research ability Research component Minimum grade requirement
Candidature only Candidature and scholarship
Australian Honours Undergraduate degree plus additional one year of supervised research H2A H1
Research Masters At least two-thirds thesis H2A H1
Coursework Masters
Graduate Diploma
Comparable qualifications
Research project -
thesis 10,000 - 20,000 words
H2A H1

The minimum requirements above are applicable to applicants applying for a PhD. To apply for a Research Masters degree, the minimum standard for Honours is H2B. To apply for a Research Masters degree and scholarship, the minimum standard for Honours is H1.

Additional entry pathways (optional)

Evidence Description
Publications Independently peer-reviewed
  • journal articles
  • conference papers
  • other publications
Note: the contribution of the applicant must be described clearly where there are multiple authors.
Research experience
  • Professional reporting
  • Prior learning
  • Research related awards/prizes
  • Other evidence of research ability

You must provide demonstrated evidence of the above, which has been independently assessed. You should also include details on the nature of your research ability, such as the length and content of the program or research, with particular attention to the standard of any research component.

Thesis based on a series of publications prior to candidature

It is possible to be admitted to candidature to produce a thesis based on prior publications. To be admitted, the publications to be included in this thesis must prima facie form a coherent body of work that demonstrates a substantial original contribution to knowledge on the part of the applicant. The publications must normally have been produced within the last ten years. The research leading to the publications must have been conducted in a way consistent with university research integrity requirements. Any part of the publications submitted for another degree must be identified, and cannot be considered as part of the contribution to knowledge that is to be demonstrated in the thesis.

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