Bachelor of Arts


Unit Set Code

MJ-A000049 (major) - Only available to students who commenced prior to 2022

MN-A000049 (minor)


Burwood (Melbourne)


In the Photography program you will learn the basic techniques and practices of photography, using analogue and digital technologies. Explore a range of units that cover professional analogue and digital photographic formats, fundamentals of natural and artificial lighting and photographic storytelling. In creative studio units, students are strongly encouraged to experiment, research and develop their own conceptual and aesthetic sensibilities and to draw on their interdisciplinary studies. Towards the end of your major sequence, you will learn to refine your photographic technique and focus on developing individual style for folio preparation. This work provides a strong basis for postgraduate studies and professional practice. You will be supported to produce exhibition-quality work, using industry standard equipment and workflow and are encouraged to maximize opportunities for interdisciplinary installation and collaboration.

Career outcomes

You may find employment opportunities in community arts organisations, creative practice, freelance photography, photo journalism, professional studio photography and web, multimedia design companies and for further postgraduate study.


  • To complete a Major sequence in Photography select eight (8) credit points as outlined below;
  • To complete a Minor sequence in Photography select the following four (4) units: ACI101, ACI102, ACI204 and ACI205

Level 1:

ACI101Analogue Photography

ACI102Digital Photography

Level 2:

ACI204Photographic Storytelling

ACI205Photographic Lighting and Lens

ACI202Advanced Digital Studio [replaces ACA210]

ACV210Art in Public Space [replaces ACA210]

ACA210 Creative Studio 2 A [2 credit points, no longer available for enrolment, replacement units ACI202 and ACV210.]

Level 3:

ACA309Creative Careers and Contexts ^

ACA397Creative Arts Project Production ^

Final offering 2024