Bachelor of Health and Physical Education

Curriculum Study Units

Students must complete 2 credit points of curriculum study units in a third teaching method area from the following:

Teaching method area

Curriculum studies units

Dance (Burwood only)

ECA731, ECA732, ECA431*,ECA432*

Drama (Burwood only)

ECA731, ECA732, ECA431*,ECA432*


ECL761, ECL762, ECL461*,ECL462*


EHI701, EHI702, ECS471*,ECS472*

Home Economics

(Burwood only)

EEH406, EEH407  


ESM724, ESM725, ESM424*, ESM425*

Science (Senior Secondary) in specialist science area Biology

ESS744, ESS467, ESS444*

Science (Senior Secondary) in specialist science area Chemistry

ESS744, ESS768, ESJ460*, ESS444*

*Units no longer available for enrolment.