Senior Lecturer


Faculty of Sci Eng & Built Env


School of Life & Env. Sciences


Warrnambool Campus


Bachelor of Science, University of Melbourne, 2001
Bachelor of Engineering, University of Melbourne, 2001
Doctor of Philosophy, Monash University, 2007
Graduate Certificate of Higher Education, Deakin University, 2012


Career highlights

- Lecturer, Freshwater Biology, Deakin University
- Research Scientist, CSIRO Land and Water
- Postdoctoral Fellow, Flinders University


- Australian Society for Limnology

- Ecological Society of Australia

- Australian Marine Sciences Association

- Modelling and Simulation Society of Australia and New Zealand

Teaching interests

- Freshwater biology
- Aquatic ecology
- Hydrology

Knowledge areas

I have expertise in freshwater, estuarine and coastal ecosystems. My PhD research investigated stream restoration techniques on farms, which was followed by post-doctoral research developing ecological response models and environmental water requirements for the Coorong and Lower Murray Lakes, and contributing to the Murray-Darling Basin Planning process.  My research interests include ecosystem ecology, particularly in aquatic ecosystems, ecological restoration and science-based natural resource management, with an emphasis on applied techniques suitable for use outside conservation reserves and large spatial scales.  In particular, I am interested in the function and structure of ecosystems and in the development of management strategies that incorporate good ecological outcomes with human activities.


- Ecological responses in the Coorong and Lower Lakes

- Predicting ecological response to climate change using space-for-time substition across domains

- Testing the scientific foundations of a method to identify threatened ecosystems

- Use of anthropogenic storages by fish, macroinvertebrates & frogs in southwest Victoria


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