Dr Wei Luo



Senior Lecturer, Data Science


Faculty of Sci Eng & Built Env


School of Info Technology


Melbourne Burwood Campus


Doctor of Philosophy, Simon Fraser University, 2008
Master of Engineering, , 2001
Bachelor of Engineering, , 1999


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Cross-project transfer representation learning for vulnerable function discovery

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Effective identification of similar patients through sequential matching over ICD code embedding

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The relationship between match performance indicators and outcome in Australian football

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Consistency of the Health of the Nation Outcome Scales (HoNOS) at inpatient-to-community transition.

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Predicting risk of suicide attempt using history of physical illnesses from electronic medical records

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Traffic identification in big internet data

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Screening for post 32-week preterm birth risk: how helpful is routine perinatal data collection?

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Forecasting daily patient outflow from a ward having no real-time clinical data

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Guidelines for developing and reporting machine learning predictive models in biomedical research : a multidisciplinary view

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Exceptional contrast set mining: moving beyond the deluge of the obvious

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Stabilized sparse ordinal regression for medical risk stratification

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Web search activity data accurately predict population chronic disease risk in the USA

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Is demography destiny? Application of machine learning techniques to accurately predict population health outcomes from a minimal demographic dataset

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Understanding toxicities and complications of cancer treatment: a data mining approach

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iPoll: Automatic polling using online search

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Speed up health research through topic modeling of coded clinical data

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Parameter-free search of time-series discord

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Estimating the intensity of ward admission and its effect on emergency department access block

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Unsupervised DRG upcoding detection in healthcare databases

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Visualising a state-wide patient data collection : a case study to expand the audience for healthcare data

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Compute inclusion depth of a pattern

W Luo

(2005), pp. 689-690, Learning Theory : 18th annual conference on learning theory, COLT 2005 Bertinoro, Italy June 27-30, 2005 : proceedings, Bertinoro, Italy, E1-1


Funded Projects at Deakin

Australian Competitive Grants

Preventing obesity and promoting healthy body image in Australian secondary schools: a web-based system tailored to individual needs

Prof Jo Williams, Prof Craig Taylor, Prof Susan Sawyer, Prof Marj Moodie, A/Prof Liliana Orellana, Dr Wei Luo, A/Prof Kylie Hesketh, Dr Denise Wilfley

NHMRC Project Grant

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  • 2017: $228,521

ARC Research Hub for Digital Enhanced Living

Prof Kon Mouzakis, Prof Svetha Venkatesh, Prof Anthony Maeder, Prof Alison Hutchinson, Prof Michael Berk, Prof Ralph Maddison, Prof Abbas Kouzani, Prof Rajesh Vasa, Prof Rafael Calvo, Prof Helen Christensen, Prof Patricia Williams, Prof Dinh Phung, Prof John Yearwood, Prof Susan Gordon, Prof David Powers, Prof Nilmini Wickramasinghe, A/Prof Niranjan Bidargaddi, A/Prof Santu Rana, A/Prof Truyen Tran, A/Prof Sunil Gupta, Dr Wei Luo, A/Prof Mohamed Abdelrazek, Dr Felix Tan, Prof Henning Langberg, A/Prof Lars Kayser, Prof Finn Kensing, Prof Freimut Bodendorf, Prof John Hansen, Prof James Warren, Dr Roopak Sinha, Prof A Smeaton, Mr Fonda Voukelatos, Mr Jeffrey Fiebig, Mr Christopher Farguhar, Mr John Fouyaxis, Mr Kevin Hoon, Dr Kit Huckvale, Prof John Grundy, Nicole Cockayne, David Varley, Dr Leonard Hoon, Dr Tanya Petrovich, Mr Voytek Szapirko, Mr Damien Devlin, Dr Scott Barnett

ARC Industrial Transformation Research Hubs

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Industry and Other Funding

Unlocking factors for successful job placement through machine learning

Prof Svetha Venkatesh, Dr Wei Luo

  • 2018: $52,019
  • 2017: $78,028


Principal Supervisor

Dang Pham Hai Nguyen

Thesis entitled: Representation Learning in Complex Data via Pattern Discovery

Doctor of Philosophy (Information Technology), School of Information Technology

Associate Supervisor

Thanh Binh Nguyen

Thesis entitled: Making Sense of Pervasive Signals: a Machine Learning Approach

Doctor of Philosophy (Information Technology), School of Information Technology