InterviewGOLD is a free interactive online system for Alumni that provides training customised to you and the job you are interviewing for - no matter what stage of your career!

Learn how to prepare for all stages of the interview process and how to present yourself confidently and effectively.

InterviewGOLD is a self-paced system that will help you understand all aspects of the interview process, including what questions you are likely to be asked, why the questions are being asked and how to prepare your own answers.

There are four key modules to the system:

INTERVIEW ME – Video based virtual interviews give you a feel for what an interview is like and the types of questions posed. These are ideal if you are facing your first ever interview or haven't had one for some time.

ESSENTIAL LEARNING - Complete interview skills course teaching you what to do at each stage of the interview. It uses video, audio and animation and is designed so you can jump to any section quickly and easily.

ANSWER BUILDER - Answer Builder presents you with interactive mock interviews based on the particular job and your experience and helps you develop your knowledge of the specific interview questions you will be asked. You can also record yourself responding to questions so that you can see how well you communicate.

QUESTION SEARCH - The Question Search feature allows you to interrogate the extensive database of interview questions and answers. Search by keyword, question type, competency and job type.

In addition the system covers:

  • Presentations and
  • Group Exercises

To access this resource visit InterviewGOLD.

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