Deakin alumni discount

Take your career to new heights with our alumni discount. We’re offering Deakin graduates 10% off postgraduate study fees. We’ve watched you excel – now we’d love to see you soar.

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10% reduction per unit on your enrolment fees on your postgraduate award course at Deakin University.

This discount is applied to your tuition fees once eligibility has been confirmed.

Eligibility criteria

The Deakin alumni discount is available to Deakin alumni commencing postgraduate award course in a full-fee paying place.


To be eligible you must be:

  • a Deakin alumnus, having completed an award course at Deakin, prior to commencing your postgraduate studies and
  • a commencing student in a postgraduate award course* and
  • enrolled in a full-fee paying place

* Please refer to exclusions below.

Glossary of terms

We’ve provided the following definitions of the eligibility criteria for this discount:

  • Deakin alumni: a student who has completed an award course at Deakin University. An award course includes:
    • bachelor degrees
    • honours bachelor degrees
    • graduate certificates
    • graduate diplomas
    • master degrees
    • higher degrees by research
  • Commencing student:  a student is considered commencing if they are enrolled in the first study period of their award course and not previously been enrolled after the census date.
  • *Postgraduate award courses include:
    • Graduate certificates
    • Graduate diplomas
    • Masters by coursework
  • Antecedent institute: please refer to the list of antecedent institutes.


The Deakin alumni discount:

  • is not available to current Deakin University staff unless the staff member is also a Deakin graduate.
  • cannot be held concurrently with any other scholarship, bursary or discount offered by Deakin University. (If you are offered any other scholarship, scholarship-like payment, bursary or discount you need to choose which one you wish to hold).
  • will not apply to postgraduate studies undertaken in a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP).
  • is not available to students enrolled in H911 Doctor of Medicine or H962 Doctor of Advanced Clinical Practice (Paramedicine Practitioner)
  • is not available  to students enrolled in D302 Bachelor of Vision Science / Master of Optometry
  • is not available to students enrolled in a Higher Degree by Research
  • will not apply to students who hold a Deakin Diploma as their highest achieved study level at Deakin University.
  • will not apply retrospectively should your eligibility change during your studies.
  • will not apply if you have not completed prior studies before commencing a new postgraduate course. Studies in your commencing postgraduate degree must be in later study periods and cannot be undertaken concurrently with your first degree at Deakin.

Payment information

If eligibility is maintained, the discount will apply for the normal duration of your course. The Deakin alumni discount is applied directly to your tuition fee invoice.  You can see if the discount has been applied by viewing your tuition fee invoice, in StudentConnect, each study period.

The Deakin alumni discount also applies to Credential units when taken as a part of your postgraduate award course.

The Deakin alumni discount is not redeemable for cash.

Withdrawal of this discount

The Deakin alumni discount will be withdrawn from all study periods and you will be required to immediately pay any outstanding amount if:

  • you have been found to have supplied incorrect or misleading information during the admission and enrolment process
  • you have been found to have breached the University’s student code of conduct.

Other scholarship offers

If you are offered another Deakin scholarship, bursary or fee discount relating to your postgraduate award course, you can only hold one. You will be asked to nominate which scholarship, bursary or fee discount arrangement you would like to hold.  If you do not make a nomination the Deakin alumni discount will automatically be withdrawn.

How to apply

Deakin alumni

If you are a Deakin alumni there is no application process. Your eligibility to receive the Deakin alumni discount will be assessed at the time of enrolment. If eligible, the discount will be applied directly to your tuition fees.

If you are an alumnus of an antecedent institute please contact us to confirm your eligibility.

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Further information

For further information or to confirm your eligibility for the Deakin alumni discount please contact us.