Our team and publications

Our team at the Centre for Regional and Rural Futures (CeRRF) is led by Director Dr David Halliwell. Our researchers are working hard to advance food and food security, smart agriculture and regional competitiveness by collaborating with rural and regional industries and communities.

CeRRF team

Dr David Halliwell 
Administration Officer
Brodie Lamb
Professor in Sustainable Agricultural Systems
Professor John Hamill
Professor in Economics
Professor Michael Porter (Honorary)
Strategic Advisor
David Downie
Research Leader, Irrigation Science
Associate Professor John Hornbuckle
Research Leader, Climate Change Adaptation
Associate Professor Robert Faggian
Research Leader, Strategic Spatial Planning
Associate Professor Victor Sposito
Urban Water
Associate Professor Donavan Marney (Honorary)
Regional Competitiveness
Associate Professor Marcus Bowles (Honorary)
Sustainable Agricultural Systems
Associate Professor Alan Neale (Honorary)
Senior Research Fellow, Soil Health
Dr Lambert Brau
Senior Research Fellow, Soil Health
Dr Wendy Quayle
Associate Research Fellow
Dr Lee Hudek
Associate Research Fellow
Dr Wesley Webster
Associate Research Fellow
Dr Giorgio De Guzman
Associate Research Fellow
Dr Richard Alexander
Associate Research Fellow
Dr Ryan Nai
Associate Research Fellow
Dr Carlos Ballester Lurbe
Associate Research Fellow
Dr James Brinkhoff
Associate Research Fellow
Dr Leigh Vial
Research Fellow (Urban And Design Ecologies)
Dr Fiona Gray
Research Assistant
Harmen Romeijn