Our research

At CeRRF, we nurture the development of our researchers to encourage meaningful interaction with partners across the government, industry and community sectors.

Our research themes

We focus on understanding our customer needs to ensure our research remains relevant and produces high-value outcomes. Our work ranges from designing smarter technologies for increased productivity and sustainability to developing regional competitiveness.

Regional competitiveness

Outlining innovative policy that identifies regional and rural economic development opportunities, informs research needs and builds capacity.

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Better products and services

Developing new or enhanced products and services that promote regional and rural growth and productivity.

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Enabling technology

Developing world-leading, translational technology platforms that will advance regional and rural industries.

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Sustainable environment

Advancing and implementing the latest knowledge and science to ensure sustainable regional and rural development.

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Water use

Maximising the economic value of water to ensure high-value use of our limited resources in regional and rural communities.

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