Enabling technologies

The development of platform technologies has the potential to drive efficiency and lower risk management in our regional and rural sectors. For example, existing lab-on-a-chip platforms can deliver improved soil and animal health outcomes, while lowering operating costs in the process. Our program critically examines existing value chains and identifies key points where platform technologies can provide a positive, disruptive influence.

Project aim

To develop world-leading, translational technology platforms that will advance regional and rural industries.

Project examples

Advanced zoonotic disease detection through lab-on-a-chip

This project integrates a rapid influenza detection system on a portable, inexpensive and rapid lab-on-a-chip device.

Lab-on-a-chip technology for the detection of equine performance modification

This project focuses on the development of a portable lab-on-a-chip device. The chip utilises non-invasive sample collection for the rapid trackside detection of equine performance manipulation.