Regional competitiveness

Understanding regional and rural economic, social and policy drivers is fundamental to the success of CeRRF and its role in regional development.  This program integrates with all CeRRF programs to inform research needs across the portfolio. It also provides real-life context to the innovation programs undertaken by CeRRF.

Project aim

To outline and develop innovative policy and project content that identifies regional and rural economic development opportunities. This, in turn, will inform research needs and capacity building.

Project examples

Geelong economic futures

This project outlines five Geelong economies and their potential for private sector investment and growth. The goal is to provide enough detail to attract large private sector investors to undertake their own feasibility analysis. The desired result is to secure their investment in one or more of the identified opportunities.

PDF Geelong Economic Futures2.9MB Read the full report here

Best-practice case study analysis of ecologically sensitive brownfield redevelopments

This project identifies a range of international brownfield redevelopment case studies. The redevelopments must demonstrate attributes which help inform future land use options for the Moolap Coastal Strategic Framework Plan.