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At the Centre for Integrative Ecology (CIE), we want to know: how do living things react to change, both short term and long term? We aim to eliminate traditional borders between conventional fields of ecological research by promoting an integrative, multi-faceted, interdisciplinary research approach


Nobel laureate lays out the facts on climate
11 October 2016
Eminent US climate scientist Dr Russell Schnell has shared his climate data at a Deakin lecture.
People power protects Australian wildlife
22 August 2016
The 'Wildlife Spotter' project is asking the public to identify animals in images from automated cameras.
Baby, it's hot out here!
19 August 2016
Birds call to their embryos during incubation to warn them about hot temperatures outside the egg, according to new Deakin research.

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We research the living environment

We are investigating the mechanisms of immediate and evolutionary response to environmental changes, not just what conditions endanger some species during change. To this end we combine ecology, evolution and ecological physiology. 

As a result our research falls into three overlapping focal areas: 

  1. Environmental change has a direct impact on individual organisms, which is notably studied in the fields of sensory ecology and animal physiology. 
  2. These responses lead to changes at the level of populations and communities. 
  3. Environmental change, however, not only results in immediate responses but also imparts variation in selection pressures, ultimately leading to evolutionary change.

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The relevance and timeliness of this subject is overwhelmingly obvious: we are facing dramatic changes globally, with humans exerting an enormous environmental footprint on the planet.



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