Study society, social groups and social relations at Deakin. Thinking sociologically allows you to critically understand the processes that shape the society we live in and the cultures within it. As a sociology student, you'll explore key aspects of everyday life including ethnicity, religion, gender, migration, consumerism, globalisation, deviance, health, youth culture and intimate relationships.

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We teach students how to carry out research projects using both qualitative and quantitative techniques. And, we're the only social science discipline in the faculty that teaches these mixed-methods.

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We’re serious researchers, skilled in qualitative survey research and digital research methods, with expertise in software like SPSS and NVivo. We teach these methods to our undergraduate and graduate students and encourage you to start mapping the social world.

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Recent Deakin research

Worldviews of Australia’s Millennials’ (2016–2018)

Dr Anna Halafoff and Associate Professor Andrew Singleton

This project aims to understand diverse young people’s understandings about religion and belief to inform debate about how education assists or impedes intercultural understanding, as well as enhance wellbeing and social inclusion.

Australian governments have invested in programs to promote respect for religious diversity and to counter violent extremism, yet there is no coherent, evidence-based understanding of young Australians’ perspectives on religions and non-religious worldviews. Knowing more about young people's perspectives and what influences them will facilitate development of appropriate educational responses – equipping schools to help young Australians to live productively in their diverse society.

Our community

We offer workplace internships with a range of well-known organisations including:

  • Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Centre 
  • Cultural Infusion 
  • Psychosocial Research Centre, Melbourne Health 
  • The Psychiatric Unit, Alfred Health 
  • Committee for Geelong 
  • WorkSkil.

Career opportunities

With excellent research and analytical skills, our graduates find work in:

  • business: consumer/social research, public relations, publishing, personnel work, training
  • community and non-profit organisations: administration, overseas aid and development agencies, social research, policy development, lobbying
  • criminal justice work
  • federal, state and local government sectors
  • group work with youth or the elderly
  • industrial relations
  • migrant and multicultural affairs
  • policy development and implementation
  • social services
  • teaching
  • urban planning.

What do our students and staff say?

Youth religion and spirituality in Australia

Associate Professor Andrew Singleton talks about his research on young people and religion in Australia.

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