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Paul Mitchell

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Bachelor of Management

Why Deakin off-campus studies?
I attempted to study at university some 13 years ago, but due to a number of issues I was unable to continue my studies. Since then, I had been wanting to return to study but could not afford to stop working and return to university. Then I found out I could study off campus at Deakin and I have just completed my first year of a Bachelor of Management, while working full time.

Deakin was my number one choice because of the degrees it offers. The staff are friendly and the technology used seemed to be more user-friendly too. Also, work is close to the Burwood Campus so should I need to visit anytime, it is very handy to pop in during lunch or after work.

My biggest challenge has been to stay focused and motivated. It is very easy to say to yourself “I don’t feel like studying tonight, I have plenty of time to do it on the weekend” and fall behind.  Just remember the trimesters only go for 12 weeks and there is quite a lot to do in that short time so use every spare minute to prepare yourself for your assessments.

I’m lucky most of my family are in Perth and I don’t have any kids, yet. But I do have my partner’s family and a dog that needs walking! I also manage to get out and play basketball twice a week.  I have a planner with everything in it, from walking the dog, to basketball games and even movie nights to keep my partner happy! By sticking to my schedule I am able to juggle everything and manage my time effectively.

Successes and aspirations
My biggest success would have to be my results. Even though I sometimes feel like I could have put more effort in or that I didn’t quite do enough, I have still managed to pass each subject with a distinction average.

The original reason I chose to return to studies is for my career progression.  I am at that point in my career where I cannot step up any higher without a degree. And who knows?  I may just decide to keep on studying after my Bachelor’s degree and do a Masters at Deakin.

Study tips and advice for new off-campus students

  • Get familiar with CloudDeakin, it’s very user-friendly and it will be your classroom for the next few years.
  • Make sure your computer has all the compatible (usually the latest) software as you don’t want to get to submission time for an important assignment you have worked so hard to complete and find out you cannot submit! Familiarise yourself with the off campus support network (such as DUSA) as the people there are very friendly.
  • While studying off campus can sometimes make you feel alone, remember that you are not, there are plenty of us out there who are willing to talk and help you.
  • Above all, enjoy your studies!

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21st February 2013