Centre for Advanced Sensory Science

The Deakin University Centre for Advanced Sensory Science (CASS) is dedicated to helping the sustainable growth of the Australian food industry. By using state-of-the-art facilities and renowned researchers, we aim to deliver high-quality sensory and flavour research, as well as training the next generation of sensory scientists.

Our vision

To guide and aid the sustainable growth of the Australian food industry through research excellence.

Our mission

  • Conduct the highest-quality sensory and flavour research.
  • Collaborate widely with the Australian food industry and government.
  • Educate the next generation of sensory scientists.
  • Promote sensory and flavour science research both within Australia and internationally.

Our team

We have a number of widely published, highly esteemed researchers and PhD candidates working hard to deliver advanced knowledge and industry-relevant sensory and consumer science.

Professor Russell Keast
Head of the Centre for Advanced Sensory Science (CASS) Professor Keast has over 15 years' experience in conducting sensory studies. He specialises in the association between taste, consumption and enjoyment.

Associate Professor Robert Shellie
Dr Shellie is an influential separation scientist with deep experience in determination of volatile aroma compounds. His research seeks to develop and apply new technologies for measurement of flavour compounds in food and beverages.

Dr Gie Liem
Senior Lecturer
Dr Liem has worked in the food industry and research institutes in the Netherlands and the USA. His research focus is the food choices of children and cross-cultural research.

Dr Sara Cicerale
Senior Lecturer in Applied Food Science
Dr Cicerale's work looks at the effect of olfactory functioning and taste importance on food choice and consumption.

Dr Snehal Jadhav
Lecturer in Food Safety
Dr Jadhav has experience in working on food-industry based projects in the area of food safety and microbial omics. Her current research focuses on using proteomics and metabolomics approaches to solve issues around food quality, spoilage and contamination.

Dr Georgie Russell
Lecturer in Food Innovation
Dr Georgie Russell’s work explores consumer food behaviours, such as food preferences and eating behaviours, and how different consumers make food choices in a range of contexts.

Researchers and PhD candidates

Research assistant
Simone Lewin
PhD candidate
Andrew Costanzo
PhD candidate
Uracha Wanich
PhD candidate
Kathryn Colla 
PhD candidate
Chayan Mahmud 
PhD candidate
Tanweer Gondal 
PhD candidate
Bella Hartley 
PhD candidate
Claudia Hartley 
Senior Honorary Research Fellow
Dr Ramon Hall

Research interests

The researchers at CASS work closely with the Australian government and food industry to help guide policy and marketing. We also promote sensory and flavour science research both within Australia and internationally.

Research within CASS currently spans across a number of sensory and food topics.

  • Sensory panels
  • Cross-cultural consumers
  • Children as consumers
  • Salt and sugar
  • Food choice and behaviours
  • Non-traditional tastes (fat and carbohydrates)
  • Satiety (feeling of fullness)
  • Flavour analysis
  • Consumer product insight

It is really good to see that the Asian Pacific region now has a substantial research centre that aims to provide the best innovative consumer and sensory science which meets industry and academic needs.


Join our research team

To become a CASS research student, you need to have a clear vision of what you want to investigate and which academic staff member you wish to study with. 

We welcome specific enquiries by all prospective Honours, PhD and postdoctoral students to CASS staff.

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Find out how to become a PhD or Postdoctoral student

Once you know what you want to do, discuss your proposal with a potential supervisor at CASS. 

Are you a current Deakin undergraduate student interested in sensory or consumer science? Learn more about our 12-week CASS-Academy program to gain some hands-on industry experience while you study.

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Participate in our studies

Our CASS consumer panelist are a unique group who get paid to assist with various CASS studies and industry related consumer snack food tests.

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Become a research or industry partner

CASS is always keen to hear from organisations interested in partnering with us. If you have an idea or wish to utilise our knowledge and resources, please contact us.

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