Centre for Advanced Sensory Science

At the Centre for Advanced Sensory Science (CASS) we conduct high-quality sensory and flavour research. Our work is essential to the sustainable growth of the Australian food industry and for training the next generation of sensory scientists.

Our areas of interest

The researchers at CASS work closely with the Australian government and food industry to help guide policy. We also promote sensory and flavour science research within Australia and internationally. 

Our research topics include:

  • Asian consumers
  • sugar, salt and fat in foods
  • satiety (feeling of fullness)
  • flavour analysis
  • quality of foods
  • descriptive analysis
  • children as consumers.

Our researchers

Professor Russell Keast
Head of the Centre for Advanced Sensory Science (CASS)
Professor Keast has over 15 years' experience in conducting sensory studies. He specialises in the association between taste, consumption and enjoyment.

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Dr Gie Liem
Dr Liem has worked in the food industry and research institutes in the Netherlands and the USA. His research focus is the food choices of children and cross-cultural research.

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Dr Sara Cicerale
Dr Cicerale's work looks at the effect of olfactory functioning and taste importance on food choice and consumption.

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Dr Megan Thornton
Dr Thornton completed her PhD in organic chemistry. Now she applies this knowledge to the analysis of flavour compounds within foods.

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Our services

Do you need a descriptive analysis sensory panel to provide a flavour profile of a product?

Do you need to understand what Asian consumers think of your product?

Does your product have off-flavours developing during shelf life, or with new packaging?

CASS can help. We work with businesses in lots of different ways and we’re always looking for our next opportunity to work on a project with commercial application.

As well as being world-class researchers, we also have extensive experience in project design, implementation and successful project completion.

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