Field research methods short courses

The School of Health and Social Development has developed two workshops that embrace a hands-on approach to field research methods. The two-day workshops provide academic knowledge combined with practical learning. They enhance practitioner competency in conducting quantitative, qualitative or mixed-method research in the field.

Workshop 1: Hands-on research in the field – research design and data collection

This program focuses on research design, ethics and data collection. Working within a face-to-face experiential learning model, participants are provided with pre-reading materials.

During the workshop participants engage in practical activities to enhance learning, as well as develop their skills and confidence in research methods.

Workshop 2: Hands-on research in the field – data analysis and reporting

This workshop on data analysis and reporting is offered as a stand-alone program or companion program for participants completing workshop one. 

Participants engage in practical activities that enhance the learning experience, but focus specifically on data analysis and reporting.

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